Forever Car Video Recorder VR-110


SKU: VR-110

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Forever Car video rec. VR-110 
Our car camera is an ideal device for every driver, 
designed to record every route. The material is 
recorded in HD resolution, which gives a very 
high image quality. Now you can record every 
traveled route, and analyze each incident occurred 
on the road. VR-110 Forever video recorder  is a well 
built device with a 2.4" screen and a micro SD card 
reader. It has features such as image stabilization, 
loop recording and audio recording. The camera is 
also equipped with G-Sensor. 
File formats : AVI/JPEG
G-sensor : built-in
Line : Moto Line
Memory card slot : microSD
Producer : Forever
Screen : 2,4 inch
Video resolution : 1280x720, 640x480/ 30 fps